7th Grade

May 30, 2014


Religion – For each gospel writer find one example of his theme

Spring Concert – Thursday, June 5th 10:00 a.m. – Wear a red, white, or blue shirt with blue jeans and sneakers (Theme of the show is AMERICA)


May 27, 2014


Compare and Contrast essay (Pony and you)


May 23, 2014


Religion – Chapter 19 – Homework sheet

Reading – A. Complete questions for chapters 3&4 AND read up to chapter 8

B. Compare and Contrast Essay comparing you and Ponyboy. (Due Wednesday)

Reading Final Exam – Monday!!

Have a great weekend!!


May 22, 2014

Science – Test tomorrow

Reading – Complete all worksheets/diagrams that you have for Chapters 1&2 of The Outsiders.



May 20,2014

Social Studies – Test on chart & articles



May 19, 2014

Science – pages 30-33

Reading 1960′s assignment

Math – www.mathletics.com

Religion – test tomorrow

Social Studies – test Wednesday



Reading – 5/27

 SS – 5/28    

Science 5/29    

Math 5/30

LA  6/2

Religion 6/3


May 14, 2014

Math: Test-5/15/14

Science – Chemistry pg 25-29 all questions

May 12, 2014

LA – worksheet

SS – Page 251 #& on the loose leaf I provided for you (Support your choice)

Quiz on Thursday

Science – pgs 17-19

Please bring in one box of tissues!!!


May 8, 2014

Spelling – test – know definitions

Social Studies – study vocabulary – test tomorrow

Math – worksheet

Science – worksheet

TOMORROW IS  A 12:00 DISMISSAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May 7, 2014

Spelling – 3x each – test on Friday – know definitions

SS – Complete chart and decipher the meaning of the quote from the board and tell me whether or not you agree.  VOCABULARY QUIZ FRIDAY

Religion – Test Monday – Do activity on page 187 on computer paper


Reading – Test tomorrow – A Wrinkle in Time


May 6, 2014

Spelling – 11-20 define using the text chapters 10-20

Math – 145 #s24-25 do both a &b

12:00 Dismissal Friday

May 5, 2014

Math: pg. 144, #8-14

Spelling #s 1-10 use chapters 10-12 to define vocabulary words

Reading – Pick a theme and support it with details from the text.  Use evidence based terms in your response.

Science – Study for test tomorrow

Essay – Due tomorrow –  NO EXCUSES WILL BE ACCEPTED!!!

12:00 Dismissal on Friday!!

May 2, 2014

Reading – Read chapters 10-12 and answer questions.  Using the paper I gave you and the character I gave you draw (you can use a picture from the internet) a picture of what you think the character looks like.  Then write a detailed description of the character’s importance in the book.

Religion – worksheet

Upcoming tests – Arch prep exam, A Wrinkle in Time Test, Social Studies



May 1, 2014

Spelling – Test tomorrow – know definitions

Reading – vocabulary worksheet AND Read chapters 8&9 answer questions on sheet.

Science – Research and find a compound that we use everyday.  Bring in the equation.

Math – Final day of state exam – bring 3 #2 SHARPENED PENCILS, a ruler, and a protractor.


April 30, 3014

Spelling – #’s1-20 5x each on loose leaf

Reading – chapters 6&7 and answer questions

Math – State Exam Tomorrow –  Bring 3 #2 SHARPENED PENCILS, a ruler, and a protractor


April 29, 2014

Spelling – #s 11-20 use in sentences regarding A Wrinkle in Time

Reading – Read chapters 4&5 answer questions

Religion – page 179 #s 10-10

Math – STATE EXAM TOMORROW – BRING 3 #2 SHARPENED PENCILS, a protractor and a ruler.  Get a good night sleep and eat a healthy breakfast in the morning – BE ON TIME!!


April 28, 2014

Math: Review Math practice workbook; State Test starts on 4/30/14

Spelling – Use #s1-10 in sentences regarding A Wrinkle in Time

Reading – Read Chapters 1-3 and answer questions on sheet.

April 17, 2014

Science:  Read Ch.8.  Answer pgs 282-285.  Write questions & Answers on pg 285 on LL.

Math: Takehome Test; due 4/28

Math: practice guide; due 4/28

April 16, 2014

ELA- worksheet

Spelling – Test tomorrow

Oral Presentation – James Oddo

Science – work from board



April 7,2014

ELA – All poems should be complete on the pastel paper.

Spelling – #s1-10 define and use in sentences

Science – DO NOT FORGET Mr. D’s worksheet – I will be collecting it first thing in the morning!!

Tomorrow is a $2 Dress Down – proceeds will go to Family Fun Night


April 4, 2014

ELA – Pick a topic to write your poem about from the change box on your worksheet.

Science – worksheet

Math – complete problem in notebook



April 1, 2014

Go to bed earlier than you did lastnight!!

Eat a good, healthy breakfast

Be on time for school

Come prepared with 4 #2 SHARPENED pencils


March 31, 2014

Get a good night sleep

Eat a good breakfast

Be on time for school

Come prepared with 4 #2 SHARPENED pencils!!

Religion – Test on Thursday – Baptism


March 26, 2014

Social Studies Test

Religion – Think of a symbol that represents new life – rebirth – to be used in association with Easter.  Include an explanation.

Math – Test tomorrow

Return Trip slips and $$$$$

BOOK FAIR TOMORROW NIGHT – 6:15 – Come Dressed up not down :) All projects should now be completed (corrections)


March 25, 2014


Social Studies – Test

Oral Presentations – due Friday

Language Arts – worksheet

Science – complete classwork pages 248-251

Return Tear-off for Book Fair

Trip Slips and $$ are due Thursday!!!


March 24, 2014

Reading – 2 worksheets

Grammar/Spelling/Comp – Using 10 spelling words from the last 2 weeks write a persuasive letter to me convincing me not to give you Easter Break homework.

Oral Presentation- Prepare a one minute presentation about the author who wrote the book you read for the Book Fair.

Religion – Complete class assignment

Return Trip Slips

*Reminder Thursday night is Book Fair.


March 21, 2014


12:00 Dismissal on Monday

*Return Trip Slips and $$

March 20, 2014

Reading – worksheet

Social Studies -


Trip Slips

12:00 Dismissal tomorrow


March 19, 2014

Science – In your notebooks write how you feel these and one example – pages 238-239

Social Studies – complete classwork on loose leaf

12:00 Dismissal on Friday



March 18, 2014

Spelling -Word Graffiti

Reading – Test tomorrow

Science – worksheet


12:00 Dismissal Friday :)

Return trip slips



March 12, 2014

Math: pg. 274, #s 4-6

Reading – Comprehension worksheet


Work on oral presentation for Friday


March 11, 2014

Spelling – #s11-20 define and use in sentences

Work on Famous Woman presentation

Math – page 269 #s 15-21

*Stones and crosses

Religion – Test Monday (Lent, Triduum, and Easter)


March 10, 2014

Spelling – #’s 1-10 define and use in sentences

Religion – Brainstorm Triduum

*Pick a famous woman in history and prepare a one minute oral presentation about her.  Also on a separate piece of paper write and interesting fact that you learned about her.  If possible bring in a picture of her.  Let me know tomorrow who you are choosing the presentation is due on FRIDAY. (Remember you are graded on content, eye contact, and voice)

Reading – complete worksheet from class – underline the part of the text where you locate the answer.



March 7, 2014

Math – pages 285-286

Monday – 12:00 dismissal!!!

March 6, 2014

Science – Test tomorrow

ELA – work on your Limerick (See yesterday’s homework)

Monday is a 12:00 dismissal

March 5, 2014

Science – Test tomorrow

Reading – Call of the Wild test tomorrow

Religion – Do not forget about your stones and nails

Math – test tomorrow

Research Limericks tomorrow we will be writing on about a boy or man from New York or Staten Island.


March 4, 2014

Spelling – Test tomorrow

Reading – Test tomorrow

Religion – Do activity on page 285 – think of something that you will be giving up for Lent.

Math – page 256 #s1-5

Science – Complete writing lesson from page 197-202 due Thursday and will be graded.



March 3, 2014

Math: worksheet

Spelling -Test tomorrow

Social Studies n- Test tomorrow

Reading – 3 questions from the board

February 27, 2014

Religion- Test Tomorrow Chapter 13

Math – Worksheet

Reading – Why do you think London inlcuded Hal, Charles, and Mercedes is the book?  What did they represent?     Why did Buck refuse to rise and lead the team?  WHat did he have that his masters lacked?    How did Buck’s relationship with his previous masters differ from his relationship with John Thornton?  What are some similarities between John Thornton and Buck?

ALL answers have to have evidence based terms and details from the text.






February 26, 2014

Spelling – 5x each

Religion – Test on Chapter 13 Friday

Reading – Compare and Contrast Essay on Buck and Spitz

Science – worksheet

Social Studies – Test on Monday



February 25, 2014

Spelling – #s11-20 Define and use in sentences

Reading – Compare and contrast Buck and Spitz as leaders

Religion – Worksheet – Test on Friday

Science – Page 185

Social Studies – Vocab quiz tomorrow

Math: pg. 321, 9-15

Bake Sale on Thursday – Please bring in 2 items to sell

11:00 Dismissal on Friday

February 24, 2014

Math: Test-2/25/14 Page 319 #s 5 and 6

Science – Complete chart on page 180-181

Spelling – Define #s1-10 and use in sentences

Religion -Arch Prep Vocabulary test

All work that has been on the website since the break is due tomorrow – no excuses.

Bake Sale has been moved to Thursday – Please bring in 2 items to sell.

Friday is an 11:00 dismissal

February 18, 2014

I hope that you are all enjoying your vacation.  Here are a few review questions for you to answer regarding The Call of the Wild.  I was hoping to finish it before the break – the new goal is for it to be finished by Wednesday 2/26.  You can asnwer these questions in your notebooks or if you do not have it at home answer them on loose leaf.  Enjoy the rest of your extended break and come back on Monday ready to work!!

1.What is the genre of The Call of the Wild?  2.Cite 2 details that support the genre.  3.Who is the protagonist of the novel?  4.What point of view is the story told from? 5.Who is Manuel? What type of problem does he have? 6.Why does Buck have to leave Judge Miller’s estate? 7. Who is Spitz? What type of dog is he, meaning what is his temperment like? 8.What happens to Spitz?  9. What important rule does Buck learn from the man with the red sweater? 10.How will this rule help him in his new life? 11.How has Buck changed since the beginning of the novel? 12.Name 2 things he does now that he never would have done if he was still living in California on Judge Miller’s estate?  13. How is Buck different from the other dogs?



February 13, 2014

Happy Snow Day – Here is the work I promised you :)

Social Studies – Be prepared for a vocabulary quiz on the Key Terms from 2/10′s homework.  Read pgs 211-214.  Answer the following in your notebooks.  Be sure you copy the question and that your answer is legible or it will not be counted as complete.

1.Why were Madison & Jefferson referred to as our, “Founding Fathers”?  2.What lessons did the delegates of the Constitutional Convention learn from ancient Rome?   3. What 2 freedoms do we still enjoy that were derived from Britain?  4.What ideas of our Constitution reflect the Enlightenment Period?  Also on page 211 – Respond to the “As You Read” quesiton in the corner of the page. and at the top of the page there is a main idea – read it and then cite 2 details from what you have read that support the idea.  Then on page 214 answer #s3,4,and 5.

ReligionRead page 143, then read the quote in the box by Pearl Bailey.  What do you think she is trying to say to us?  Give examples in your response.  Then read 144-149 and answer the following questions in your notebook – again make sure you write the question and and that you answer is legible or will not be counted as complete.

1.What is the high point of God’s creation?  2.What were the special signs the Church recieved from God called?  3.What is an effective sign of God’s love for us?  4.How does the Holy Spirit spread the Grace of Christ?  5.When do we receive sanctifying grace?  What does it help us to do?  6.What do the 7 sacraments help us to do?  7.Defing liturgy.  What does it include? 8.Explain what you think this quote means, “Though God’s grace prepares us to respond to Him through the sacraments, we must be open, or properly disposed, to receive His grace.”  9.What are 3 purposes of the sacraments?  10.What 3 categories are the sacraments grouped into?  11. Define sacramentals.  Cite 3 examples of sacramentals that you read about in the text.

Essay – Due Monday, February 24th – Page 146 Religion Text Activity.

If you see this pass the news on to a classmate – remind them that they were supposed to check the website :)



February 12, 2014

Reading – What trait of Bucks do you now feel will insure his survival in the north?  (Support your answer with details from the text)  How would this trait be accepted in his old life?

Science – Complete worksheet

Bake Sale on Friday

Religion – Test Friday (Arch Words)

Social Studies – Quiz on vocabulary

**Rewrite last night’s reading homework on loose leaf.

Random Acts of Kindness

February 11, 2014

Math – Bring #2 pencils for math assessment

Reading – The Call of the Wild is told from Buck’s point of view.  How do you think it would be different if it was told from one of the dog handler’s point of view? (The man with the red sweater, Francois, or Perrault)

Religion –  Arch Prep test on Friday

SS – Be prepared for a possible quiz on key terms from last night’s homework.

Work on picking a book for your project.

Random Acts of Kindness

Bake Sale on Friday – Please bring at least 2 baked items to sell – all proceeds will be donated to the food pantry at St.Paul’s.


February 10,2014

Math – Review headings (Exponents, simplifying factors and factoring expressions)

Social Studies – Key Terms from pages 211 and 215 neatly in notebook

Reading – What important lesson does the man with the red sweater teach Buck?

How does Buck prove that he is tough?

Why is the demand for dogs so high?

Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Bake Sale Friday – All proceeds will be donated to the food pantry at St.Pauls.


February 7, 2014

Math: Worksheet

Spelling – Test Monday

Religion – Arch Prep Words test Friday – study

Grammar – Test Tuesday on Verbs and Linking Verbs

Science – Test Monday (Do the Review Questions pgs 160-165)


February 6, 2014

Spelling – 5x each

Math – Review Classwork and answer the last question on the worksheet.Also review the homework from 2/3 (pages 315 -316)

ELA – Rewrite Luckiest Day essay – attach old copy – earn 5 pts

Reading – Which one of Buck’s traits will be helpful to him? Which one will probe to be a hindrance? Defend your choice.

Grammar Test on Tuesday

Spelling Test on Monday


Feburary 5, 2014

Spelling – Use 10 of your words in a story about what would happen if it kept snowing until June.

Social Studies – Study for your test – YOU WILL STILL HAVE YOUR TEST ON THURSDAY!! Some important facts to know would be why the Articles of Confederation didn’t work out at first…What Shay’s Rebellion was….Sherman’s compromise….What problem the Northern and Southern states were experiencing….The Virginia Plan….Be able to support the 2 main ideas of the sections on the test….That should keep you busy in this weather….

If you read this pass the infromation on to your friends….




February 4, 2014

Spelling – 11-20 define and use in sentences

Science – Complete worksheet

Social Studies – Study for test on Thursday

Reading – Define anthropomorhism.  Come up with 3 facts about the Klondike Gold Rush and the California Gold Rush.  Research Scotch Shepherds and Saint Bernards – what makes them good dogs for the Arctic



February 3, 2014

Spelling – Define #s 1-10 and use in sentences

Religion – A – Study for test tomorrow B – Answer the following in your religion notebooks – What did the infancy narratives proclaim? What is emphasized in them?  What are the promises that were fulfilled in them?

Social Studies – Test on Thursday (up to page 210)

Math – pages 315-316

Science – Page 153

January 27, 2014

Math: worksheet

January 13, 2014

Math: worksheet

January 12, 2014

Math: pg. 209,


January 08, 2014

Math: pg.205

December 20, 2013

If you have not already answered the reading question from 12/16 please do so – They are being graded.  As of now I only have 12 responses all of whom are GIRLS!!!

STUDY FOR MIDTERMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas!


December 16, 2013

Math: pg. 177, #15 and 16- Showyour work. Explain how you got your answer.

December 11, 2013

Math – page 176

Reading – Compare/Contrast due Friday!!!  Work on it tonight because you all will be out late on Thursday!!

Religion – Test on Friday (Advent, Christmas, Liturgical Year)

Thursday – Christmas Concert be @ school in you Christmas best by 6:30 p.m.

Friday – 12:00 Dismissal :)

*Look up the definition of ignorance.  Then think back to The Express, explain one of the many examples of ignorance in the film to me.  Email me your answer to mrs.m7@aol.com*


December 10, 2013

Spelling – Use 6 of the following words in a paragrah regarding your feelings about installing vending machines in the cafeteria….

frugal, catastrophe, detriment, grimy, consolidate, antics, entrepreneur, bombard, miscellaneous, hover.

Reading -   Due Friday, December 13th. Consider the 3 people lives we learned about over the past 2 weeks.  Choose 2 of them and compare and contrast their lives, the obstacles they had to overcome, how they persevered. To be done on loose leaf with compare/contrast sheet attached.  Will be graded for grammar.

Religion – Test Fri

Science – page 41 and 43

Thursday – Christmas Concert – wear your Christmas best.

Friday – 12:00 Dismissal



December 9, 2013

Spelling – Use 6 of the following words in a paragraph about  your opinion on lengthening the school day by 1 hour…..dissuade, anonymous, seethe, indispensable, iota, detest, foremost, revert, laggard, humdrum.

*Studying these words should be ongoing.  I suggest putting them and their definitions on index cards.

Reading – Choose one obstacle in The Express that Ernie Davis had to face and overcome.  Explain the obstacle and Ernie’s actions or in some case – lack of action in overcoming the obstacle. (Loose Leaf – will be graded for grammar as well.)

Language Arts – worksheet

Please bring in 3 #2 sharpened pencils.


December 6, 2013

Science – Test The Body System – Study from your notes.

Social Studies -Test on Monday – Pgs 168-176

Religion – Test on Advent/Christmas/Liturgical Year on Friday

Math – Study

Memorize your lines for the Christmas play.

See you at the Wine and Cheese (7 p.m.)


December 4, 2013

Journal – How would you stuff a stocking for a certain teacher? (Your choice be creative this will be edited for the hallway)

Reading – In a well developed 7th grade response tell me what you can infer about Ernie and Pop’s relationship.  Use specific details from the text.

Science – worksheet

Math – Solve problem from class 2(3-4)-Using distributive property

*If you did not elf yourself, do so tonight or your business letter will not count.

*Please, please, please color the stocking for Mrs. Quinn – put your name on it.

*Please bring in $2 for baskets

*Please bring in 2 packages of socks


December 3, 2013

Math: Creat two real-world problems with solutions on perimeter and areas of polygons.

Spelling – Study

ELA – Elf yourself for the bulletin board

Religion – Prep for your Advent projects on Friday

$2 for baskets

2 packages of new socks

December 2, 2013

Spelling – 3x each

LA – Possessive quiz

ELA- Good copy of business letter


November 25, 2013

Math: Test-11/26/13

ELA – Draft for persuasive essay to Santa Claus looking to fill the position as Chief Elf at the North Pole.

Spelling – Define #s 11-20

Science – Complete definitions

Social Studies – Finish classwork

*Mass on Wednesday – RETURN PERMISSION SLIPS!!


November 22, 2013

Math- Ask you parents if they own stock.

Reading – Be prepared for a test on Soul Surfer


*Return permission slips*

On a small piece of folded paper, tell me who played Ginger in the movie?


November 21, 2013

Return Permission Slips

Math – Test tomorrow

SS – Begin preparing for next week’s test

Bake Sale tomorrow


November 20, 2013

Religion – Arch Words – Test tomorrow.

Social Studies – Page 170 Geography Skills AND Page 171 #s 3,4(complete your own chart that you started in your notebook today), 5, and 7

Reading – In your notebook list some of the obstacles that  Bethany has been facing since the shark attack.


Bake Sale Friday!

If you can see this, on a small piece of folded paper write the name of Bethany’s dog.


November 19, 2013

Religion – Arch Words – Test Thursday

LA- Worksheet

11:00 Dismissal tomorrow!!!

Bake Sale Friday



November 18, 2013

12:00 Dismissal tomorrow…Parent/Teacher Conferences….1-3 p.m. and again from 5 – 7 p.m……My favorite day of the year :)

Spelling – Study

Reading – Answer questions on sheet pertaining to Soul Surfer.

LA – Worksheet

*Reminder Wednesday is an 11:00 dismissal.

If you can see this write the name of Bethany’s teacher on a small piece of folded up paper and give it to me in the morning.


November 13, 2013

Spelling – Use 1-10 in sentences.

Reading – Answer the following questions……How does the setting of The Blind Side affect Michael’s life and the obstacles he faces?…..What does Coach Cotton do to change Michael’s performance in his first game?…..What did Michael score in the 98th percentile of?  Give one example that proves he excels in that area?……Why does Michael want a driver’s license?  What does Leigh Ann Touhy go through to make sure he gets one?

Math – Finish worksheet.

On a small piece of folded up paper tell me what sport Leigh Ann Touhy played at Ole Miss.


November 6, 2013

Reminders: No school on Friday, November 8th or Monday, November 11th.

ELA- Study for noun test

ELA – Good copy of My Thankful Heart due tomorrow.

Math- pg 79 11-15 on loose leaf

If you can see this, write down the name of the new Borough President for Staten Island on a small piece of paper and hand it to me in the morning.


November 5, 2013

Spelling – Study!!

Math- finish page 73 #’s 16-26

Religion – page 59 #’s 1-10 and  chart Gospel writers in your notebook.

ELA – Draft due for My Thankful Heart


*If you see this….on a small piece of paper with your name on it, write who our new mayor is and hand it to me in the morning.


November 4, 2013

Spelling – 3x each – Test on Wednesday

Math – page 72 #’s 9-16

Science – Think about your project

Religion – Come up with a modern day message in modern day form from God to us….Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Text…

LA – Test on nouns Thursday.

Bring in 10 cents for our pantry jar.


November 1, 2013

Spelling- #’s 11-20 -sentences

Reading – In your reading notebook make one inference about my life.  State how you were able to make this inference.

Define perseverance.  Then, put the definition into your own words.  Next, come up with 5 synonyms for the word.

Journals are due on Monday – I will not be accepting them after that.

Please bring in twenty-five cents for our food pantry jar.



October 29, 2013


Spelling – Define #’s 11-20

Social Studies – Project due tomorrow

Religion – worksheet

Science – pages 124-125

Math – Review classwork and make corrections to the problem.

Journal #9 – How might Sam’s fate have been different if he fought in a war today?


October 28, 2013

Spelling – Sentences #’s 1-10

Journal #8 The importance of self control.

Religion – Oral Presentations tomorrow.

Science – Complete worksheet

Social Studies – Make test corrections/have tests signed


Math: Integers-add, subtract, multiply, and divide

- test, 10/29/13

October 25, 2013

Religion- Commandment Test Monday

ELA – I AM POEM (to go with silhouette)

Also complete your character I AM POEM

Math- Complete pages


October 23, 2013

Math: Inteters-worksheet

October 15, 2013

Math: Worksheet


October 4, 2013

ELA – Biographies due on Tuesday with a cover.

Reading -Read Chapters 7&8

*Write a journal entry on loose leaf as if you were Tim Meeker.  Talk about the problems you are currently facing.  Include details from the text.

Bring in 25cents for our food pantry jar if you can see this!


October 3, 2013

Spelling – Study

Math- Complete worksheet

Reading – Give an example of Indirect Characterization regarding Tim Meeker. Cite details from the text to support your choice.

Picture Day – Full uniform…NO GYM UNIFORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


October 2, 2013

Spelling – 3x each

S.S. – page 145 #7

Reading- Does war change the way people make decisions? Use information from the text as well as current events.

Math – Complete worksheet

Bake Sale tomorrow

Moore Catholic High School Open House Sunday, October 6th – 1-4 p.m.

Picture Day is Friday!!

October 1, 2013

Spelling – #s 11-20 define and use in sentences

ELA – You should be finished interviewing your “person” – begin working on your biographies.

Science – Complete classwork

Bake Sale Thursday

Picture Day – Friday




September 30, 2013

Math: Worksheet

Spelling – #s 1-10 define/sentences

ELA – Begin your biographies

Reading – Read chapters 4&5

Religion – Study for test on Chapter 2

IF YOU CAN SEE THIS PLEASE BRING IN 25 cents for our food pantry jar.

September 27, 2013

Math – Worksheet

Reading – Read Chapters 2&3 –  Be prepared for a quiz

Religion – Study for test on Chapter 2 on Tuesday

*If you can read this bring in 25 cents for the food pantry jar in our classroom.

Have a great weekend!


September 25, 2013

Math: Worksheet

Spelling – 5x each

Reading – Research 5 facts about James and Christopher Collier….Find out the importance of Redding, Connecticut….Define Lobsterback and Loyalist

Journal #5 Would you lie to your parents to cover for your sibling?

Spelling Test Friday

Religion Test Tuesday

September 23, 2013

Spelling – #s 1-10 define and use in sentences

ELA – Good copy of My Favorite Christmas Moment is due 9/25

Social Studies – 9/11 narrative questions

Religion Page 29 #s 1-10

Science Test on Wednesday



September 20, 2013

Please bring in your copy of My Brother Sam is Dead

My new email address is mrs.m7@aol.com

Have a great weekend!


September 19, 2013

Science- pages 23-24 (Quiz tomorrow)

Math- Worksheet

Religion – Study

Spelling – Study





Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spelling – 5x each – Test on Friday

Religion – Test on Chapter 1

Journal #2 How would you feel if your mom or dad got a job on Alcatraz and you had to move there?  What would be the best part for you?

ELA – Revise your draft

Back to School Information Night – 6:30 SHARP!!



Spelling – #’s 11-20 define and use in sentences

ELA – Complete draft

Math – Study for test

Religion – Test on Chapter 1 on Friday

Spelling – Test on Friday

Tomorrow night is “Back to School Information Night.” Please tell your parent to be here at 6:30 p.m. SHARP!!



Monday, September 16, 2013

Spelling – #’s 1-10 define and use in sentences

Religion – Worksheet – Test on Chapter 1 on Friday.

ELA – Complete web

Math – worksheet

Everyone should have a copy of My Brother Sam is Dead by now.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Math – worksheet

“My Life in a Bag” – If you did not share with Ms. Annunziata – please bring in back on Monday.

Please return all necessary forms signed.

Please bring a small picture of yourself.

Please obtain a copy of My Brother Sam is Dead – It was on your supply list and we will be starting it soon.

Have a great weekend :)


Wednesday September 11, 2013

Please return all forms that went home on Monday signed.

Bring in a small picture of yourself.

Math – Worksheet

Social Studies – Interview somebody in your family about where they were on September 11, 2001…Ask them what sticks out in their minds most about that day and the days that followed.

Please obtain a copy of My Brother Sam is Dead – we will be beginning it soon – it was on your 7th grade supply list.

Bake Sale on Friday!!

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