The Guest: A Podcast by Lyst

Expect chat to meander through fashion, culture, gender, personal stories and the industry, with a few off-topic but entertaining side bars.

Q4 2022

Transition and Transformation

It was a wild ride for brands this quarter, as Q4 saw the most movement amongst the top 20 brands since the chart began. The stakes, and the drama, are high.

The Year In Fashion 2022

From the world’s newfound obsession with all things pink to Bella Hadid’s unstoppable rise, here’s what — and who — was trending in 2022.

Q3 2022

Superbrands for Superfans

From Haute Couture in July to September’s Fashion Weeks, the content was constant, and the searches held strong. Q3’s hottest brands achieved viral buzz on social media while also stimulating urgent and global customer demand for their products on Lyst.

The Pink Link

Lyst and Valentino connect the dots between iconic pink moments in fashion and culture.

Q2 2022

Destination Dressing Takes Off

This quarter sees Gucci narrowly reclaim the number one spot, after 9 months of Balenciaga topping the chart.