From his role as security chief during the 2019 protests and unrest, to his promotion to the city’s No. 2 position, ex-police officer John Lee finally rose to the top, becoming chief executive on July 1, 2022.



Politics vs. science: Why Hong Kong has to tell good stories of Covid

After three years of Covid restrictions, the much-anticipated reopening has come. But it seems to have come out of the blue. Without groundwork laid and roadmaps set out, an overnight policy change looks rash. When science changed with the emergence of Omicron, a less deadly but more contagious variant, the world adapted, but Hong Kong…

World won’t look kindly on Hong Kong’s new demonstration of rule of law

The people I feel sorry for, reading this week’s newspapers, are those Law Society worthies who recently returned from a trip abroad in which they reassured overseas colleagues that the rule of law was alive and well in Hong Kong. Scarcely had the poor legal lambs returned than the Hong Kong government produced a new…



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